26 Oktober 2016


Tralis is a security product that serves to house the windows and doors, the difference is that tralis used in the front door is usually referred to as double doors or doors exona scurity.

Tralis classified into two types:
1.Tralis minimalist: tralis made with an iron base material, forming a straight straight or with a simple model.
Tralis is usually not separated from the paint colors black, white or other paints that can be tailored to your tastes.
classic 2.Tralis
tralis made using threaded metal base material with paint that is used is usually copper colored. Besides this tralis have more complex shapes than the shape of a minimalist tralis

Image 131. Tralis Minimalist Type
 Image 132.
 Image 133.
 Image 134.
 Image 135.
 Image 136.
 Image 137.
 Image 138. Classic


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