26 November 2016

Project Curtain Motorized system SLK Sunter

hi all, how are you doing this week, of course, I hope the good news all yes. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I try to share this info with you all, for those of you who are interested in ordering the curtain to the stage with an automated system, it is very appropriate if you contact our work team, with pleasure we will help make it happen according to your wishes. as consideration, recently we have completed the installation project stage curtain (School Lantern of Love) SUNTER North Jakarta, precisely on 11 November, 2016. and here below I attach some pictures during the installation phase of the stage curtain (lanterns school love)
Picture .001 cms

picture.002 cms

Picture. 003 mtr cms

Picture. cms tract

Picture mtr smpg cms

Picture cms 05

picture cms 06

Picture cms 07

Picture cms 08

picture cms 09

picture cms 10

picrure, cms 11

picture .cms 12

Picture .cms remote

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